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Connecting our Community

Keeping connected in these unprecedented times is more important than ever.

As we continue with self-isolation, it would be easy for some in our community, particularly the more vulnerable, to be forgotten.

Our community is a 'helping' one that reaches out when someone is in need.

That is why today, we are introducing the Berowra Lions Club Connecting Our Community program.

The connection point will be an information gathering database hosted by the Lions Club of Berowra –

This is a purely volunteer opportunity.

Here is how it will work:  If you need, or you know of someone who needs assistance, e.g. picking up groceries, collecting medications or even being driven to an appointment etc., you can register your requirements using the above link.

Similarly, if you can offer assistance, e.g. as a driver, as a collector of groceries, or you offer a service that can assist someone, you too can register by using the above link.

Then it's just a matter of the Lions Club of Berowra putting the two parties – those that need help and those that can help - in touch with each other.

The services, at this stage at least, can operate from Asquith to Brooklyn and any place in between.

So let's get our community connected, and let's help those who need assistance. Please visit our site and let the Lions Club of Berowra see how we can help you.

Friday 17th April 2020

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