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Lions Treasurer's Award presented to Lion Colin Hunter

Lions Treasurer's Award presented to Lion Colin Hunter

After almost 25 years as Club Treasurer, a role served with distinction, Lion Colin Hunter has been presented with the Lions Treasurer Award.

At the Lions Club of Berowra’s recent Annual Change Over Dinner, outgoing President, Lion Geoff Turnbull, presented Lion Colin Hunter with the Lions Treasurer's Award.

Colin first served as Treasurer for the club way back in 1997-98, a position he has taken on every year since then except for when he served 4 terms as Club President. His dedicated and prudent management of our accounts is one of the reasons that this year, despite losing most of our revenue sources due to COVID-19, the club was able to maintain and even increase our level of donations to the community. Colin also devoted considerable time to reviewing our donation history, resulting in the total club donations that are shown on the front page of our website rising by around $200,000 – a painstaking but rewarding effort.

Colin steps down as Treasurer this year but will continue to serve on the board in other roles. He is a true example of a Lion, and Berowra Lions Club is pleased to be able to present this award in sincere appreciation and recognition of his outstanding club leadership and dedicated service.

Thursday 18th June 2020

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