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21st May 2007

Lions Club of Berowra donates dollars and rain

by Caroline Francis, Director Publicity & Promotions, Lions Club of Berowra

The community of Northern NSW has been in a state of drought for over seven years creating the feeling of concern and worry amongst many of the local people. Latest statistics show that more than 80% of the state is now in drought and this figure is quickly increasing.

Earlier in the year, the Lions Club of Berowra donated $4,000 to the Northern NSW Lions Club district Governor, Mr Peter Perry, to disperse throughout communities in need within the area. This donation was made up of the proceeds collected from the official "Give Back" bucket appeal which raised $343.35 on Saturday, January 19th 2007 in Berowra Marketplace Shopping Centre as well as proceeds from the Lions Club Op Shop in Berowra and a BBQ held in honour of the drought relief cause. Thank you to the local community of Berowra for their generous contribution to this cause.

One of the resulting projects from this donation was the creation of a family day for the local communities in the area. This family day included a BBQ in a local park as well as fun games for the kids in an effort to bring townspeople together and lift the morale and spirit of the community.

The Lions club of Hillston was the first township to hold a family day however, little did the townspeople of Hillston or the Lions Club of Berowra know, but not only would these funds be used to bring the community together, but it would also result in bucketing rain! On the two separate occasions this family day was planned, both times the event was rained out. In the spirit of community, the townspeople of Hillston rallied together to rescue the bogged cars and soggy sausages! We hope that the Lions club of Hillston finds a sunny day to hold their family day soon.

Need rain? Just call the Lions Club of Berowra