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19th January 2006

The Lions Club of Berowra welcomes 2 new members.

The Lions Club of Berowra inducted 2 new members into the club on Thursday 19th January 2006. Anne Cosier and Rhonda Engert became the first female members to join our club in many years and bring new ideas and sets of skills to our club. Rhonda and Anne have also been very involved in sorting and co-ordinating the stock in the Lions Second Hand Shop at the Berowra Village Centre. Their help in this project has been invaluable and plans are underway to relocate the shop when the current centre is demolished to make way for the new shopping centre. Thanks also to the following Friends of Lions for their assistance in the second-hand shop: Cecelia Waite, Judy McQuillan, Maree Kenyon, Graeme Cosier, Simon Cosier, Les Brown, Mary-Lou Stapleton, Sylvia Palmer, and Maisie Harper.